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The reaction of Theo and Shailene knowing that their connection will get even deeper in “Insurgent”…..

(For our complete and total joy)

igoldensun: Saw your question about Theo and the girls. They are TFIOS fans and whilst talking to them he offered to take their copy to Shai to have her sign it and then he promised to send it back. There is another pic somewhere of him walking with the TFIOS book in his hand that led some to think he was reading it but the book belonged to those girls

Thank you so much for the explanation!

So sweet of you!

What was “our” Theo James doing here?

"Insurgent" set Pictures and new Cast

"In looking for somebody to play "Four", we knew we needed somebody who was a real man, who could really go totally toward to her, because she was not going to be a pushover. We read a num of people and they were really good actors, all of them. But sometimes they just didn’t fit with her or sometimes she kind of was all over them. We looked a lot of people. It was hard to find somebody who was strong enough to content with her.

I’ve always said that Four had to be somebody that if he tooks a step towards you you’d took a step back. Even with any kind of menace he just had that kind of power.

Shailene, with these other guys that were auditioning, SHE was the one who is pushing them back.

And then when he (THEO) came in and talked to her, SHE KNEW HE WAS FOUR. 

SO, There was AN INCREDIBLE READING TOGETHER, and we knew right away that he was the guy.”

Neil Burger explaining how difficult was to find someone that matched with Shailene(Tris) to play “Four” in Divergent. But when Theo James arrived, the search stopped there. Period.

Right! Shailene looks beautiful with both. Love “Divergent” and  ”The Fault in in Our Stars “. But …. Why in the second had a scene like that and not in “Divergent” ???

This … is definitely … no so right…

Better they provide a steamy scene between her (Tris) and Theo (Four) in Insurgent ….

At leat me, would like to see it.




…Theo turns to Shai…

…and whispers something in her ear…

…and stays still for a moment…

…Shai licks her lips…

…and turns to Theo…

…Theo tries as hard as possible not to look back…

…he couldn’t help but move his thumb though…

…Shai turns back…

…both act like nothing happened…


It’s not nice to keep secrets guys


I’m dead.

Me too……………